My Story

Although I never intended to be a writer, after reading Blue Like Jazz, I decided to give it a go. In 2006 I submitted an excerpt of my writing to Donald Miller, that his buddy Jordan discovered and insisted to Don, you need to write this girl. And so Don wrote a kind e-mail to me stating, “First of all, be affirmed, you are a writer… ” I then knew, someday I would be.

Originally from Michigan, and a graduate of the University of Michigan, I spent several years working in camping (Spring Hill) and youth ministry (Young Life). In 2005 I packed up and headed out west to serve as a Resident Director at “Holy Palm Tree University” and to work on my Masters at Fuller Seminary. In 2010, I switched coasts, moving to NYC to work at The King’s College for a couple of years.

Then, in spring of 2012 I took students to Uganda, and that begins my next memoir.

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